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Name:Nemuro Kinenkan
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:for fans of Mikage from Shoujo Kakumei Utena
To gain a miracle, there must be a sacrifice. What is it you want, what is the thing that shines for you? Deeper, go deeper... The way before you has been prepared...

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a single tear, abandoned castles, analysis, anthropoperipherism, anything white, appearance, back in the day, balance, banquets, black roses, blackboards, body, brothers and sisters, building orreries, burial of the dead, burning down the house, butterfly collector, cats, chalk outlines, chida mamiya, chida tokiko, coffins, computers, confessions, corruption, creation, dead boys, deeper go deeper, delusion, desire, desks, destruction, disease, disguise, elevators, energy civilization, enter the arena, equations, eternity, family, fan fiction, fanfic, figments of the imagination, free will, genius, ghosts, graduation, grasping eternity, he is a figment of his own imagination, heart, history, honor, i ching, i did everything, i want it, illusion, imaginary living body, immolation, immortality, jamais vu, joy division, kill the rose bride, love, making the world better, mamiya, medicine, memory, memory loss, messiahs, mikage, mikage soji, mikage souji, mind, minions, miracles, mortality, nemuro, nemuro kinenkan, nemuro memorial hall, no car rides, not wearing glasses, objectivity, obsession, one hundred, pickled sugar roses, precious memories, prepared ways, professor nemuro, puppets, purity, reality, regression, reincarnation, research, revolutionary girl utena, revolutionizing the world, ruka, sacrifice, science, secret societies, secrets, shadows, shining things, shoes, shoujo kakumei utena, soji mikage, souji mikage, soul, subjectivity, sword duels, teacups, tenjou utena, the abandoned castle of my soul, the past, thinking too much, time, tokiko, tragedy, tsuchiya ruka, unspeakable appetites, utena, yin and yang
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